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Divorce In The United States



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It should be noted that the matter of Divorce in the United States is under the jurisdiction of the individual states. It should also be pointed out that there are many different areas that must be considered in relation to divorce procedures. Some of these areas are for example; property distribution, child custody and child support. Arrangements can also be made for spousal support.

No-fault divorce on the grounds of ”irreconcilable differences” (a divorce premised on the ground of irreconcilable differences is considered a no-fault divorce since there is no need to establish that one party is more responsible or at fault for the end of the marriage than the other) is now available in all states. There are still certain states that require you to be separated physically and legally for at least one year.

Majority of divorces in the United States today tend to be settled out of court. This tends to save a lot of money, which in turn means more for both parties of the divorce. This type of divorce is an uncontested divorce

It should also be pointed out that both parties to the divorce can agree on matters regarding property, custody, child support and any alimony. If the parties do agree on these matters the court will make sure that it is an equitable agreement for all parties concerned. If the court finds that it is equitable, they will quickly give dissolution of the marriage almost immediately.

Even though the divorce is under the jurisdiction of the states, the federal government has found a way to interject into the laws of divorce. Federal legislation put into effect has changed some of the rights and responsibilities of the divorcing parties. Such legislation now ensures that there would be child support guidelines put in place in every state. There were also guidelines set up for whether or not alimony would be allowed to be deducted.


In some divorce cases, mediation may be a more beneficial option, as it takes away much of the negativity that is usually involved in the divorce. The whole process is usually less expensive and it is easier for the children. The courts rather tend to quickly approve Divorces that have been mediated.

One of the most interesting part of a divorce in the United States is people who move to another state to make things go much faster. Many people will go to the state Nevada as you only need to prove a residency of six weeks. This is the state that has the shortest residency requirement in the United States. Another factor that makes Nevada look like a greater option for a speedy divorce is that they often allow for an easy bypassing of the mandatory 50/50 split.

IN CONCLUSION, there are a lot of things to consider when you determine that you are going to get a divorce in the United States. When you indeed decide to get a divorce, it is vital that you check the relevant state and federal laws.