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ALG & Associates LPC firmly believe that the solution to disputes should in no way whatsoever be an unproductive and frustrating procedure, but instead be an indispensable and inevitable progress towards the advancement of ones future.

Our observation of the Japanese legal arena has shown that Japanese lawyers with expertise in a particular legal field are being left behind merely due to the fact that Japanese lawyers on a whole tend to take instructions for numerous types of legal matters. This kind of approach by Japanese lawyers prevents them from concentrating on, and honing their legal skills in, one particular area of practice.

It is however an indisputable fact that Clients are not merely seeking a legal professional, but instead a well experienced lawyer, with expertise in a specific legal field.

It is our firm view that in order to effectively address the specific needs of Clients, and prevent an unproductive and frustrating procedure as to the solution of whatever disputes so as to ensure the advancement of the Clients’ future, expert legal knowledge should indeed be a requisite for handling whatever legal matters.


We at ALG & Associates LPC are determined to fully and effectively address Clients’ specific needs, and further hone our expertise, with the aim of reaching at all times the best solution for our Clients.

Therefore, our philosophy, stands for;

  • Client’s Satisfaction;
  • Pursuit of Professionalism; and
  • Self-Enlightenment.

It therefore goes without saying that our legal tasks are intended to solely satisfy the Client’s specific needs. Accordingly, our goal at all times is ”Client’s Satisfaction”, and in order to reach such a goal, we believe that ”Professionalism” is a vital ingredient, with ”Self-Enlightenment” undoubtedly enhancing Professionalism.


The ALG & Associates LPC, is one of the largest law firms in Japan with its main office based in the heart of Tokyo, and with 8 branches located in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Yokohama, Saitama, Ustunomiya, Chiba, Himeji, providing a full range of legal services in areas covering civil and corporate matters.

We also have a legal network overseas in such countries as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Korea, Singapore etc.

We particularly focus on 4 legal areas; Business Law, Car Accident, Divorce, and Medical Malpractice, thereby enhancing not only our specialties but also the quality of our legal services. Although we provide a full range of legal services, our lawyers are respectively assigned to one of the 4 areas.

In addition, our divorce lawyers also handle numerous international cases, and are equipped with English communication skills, therefore enabling them to promptly and effectively respond to whatever international divorce matters.

Moreover, we have even expanded our legal activities and services to closely related areas such as private investigation in divorce cases, in order to achieve highest satisfaction for our Clients.

Tokyo Tanteisya AI, which is one of the subsidiary companies, has well-experienced private investigators, and handles such matters as the collection of evidences.