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Mr. Ian Lawson Davis: UK Barrister-at-law

Mr. Davis is a UK qualified barrister equipped with a decade of diversified legal experience within the international and Japanese legal arenas, having previously worked for law firms handling a range of complex maritime, corporate and commercial matters.

He works closely with our corporate and civil teams on a broad range of legal matters so as to maximize our legal services to our clients within the international and domestic markets.


  • Successfully handled numerous international disputes involving mediations and complex negotiations.
  • Drafted/reviewed a wide range of contracts/agreements, inclusive of; Shareholders agreements, Mortgage Agreements, Release and Settlement agreements, Joint Venture agreements etc.;
  • Handled numerous international ship collision disputes, and personal injury settlements.


  • 1997: Mico Teachers University
  • 2001: University of the West Indies
  • 2003: University of Leeds
  • 2004: Northumbria University


Mr. Davis loves playing sports, and during his free time enjoys a good game of football. He also likes playing basketball.