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Ms. Miyoko KANEZAKI: Attorney-at-law

Ms. Kanezaki has extensive experience in family law matters, and has successfully represented clients, on an international and domestic level, in uncontested divorces, complex contested divorces, child custody/visitation, child support issues, and domestic violence.

She is known for her unwavering commitment to professional integrity and for providing her clients at all times with legal representation of the highest standards.

Throughout her career representing clients, she has earned a reputation for taking an aggressive, detail-oriented approach to each case she represents.


  • Handled international divorce cases, domestic violence, sexual harassment etc.;
  • Provided consultations to international clients on all aspects of divorce procedures.


  • 2001: Tsukuba University
  • 2008: Keio University Law School
  • 2009: Legal Training and research Institute
  • 2012: Chulalonkorn University (Thailand)


Ms. Kanezaki enjoys travelling and, when free, loves to visit Thailand where she spent over 3 years. She also loves to watch movies, and enjoys a good drama, comedy or romance.


Japanese, English and Thai