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Ms. Noriko SEKI: Attorney-at-law

Ms. Seki is a tough, but fair negotiator who prides herself on providing Clients with the best possible legal representation at all times. She works exclusively in family law, handling a variety of complex international and domestic family law matters, including divorce, child custody/visitation, child support, property division, settlement negotiations, dissolution of marriage and legal separation.

She has an impressive record for successfully handling divorce cases, and is known for providing sound legal representation on all elements that must be considered during a divorce.


  • Successfully handled numerous international divorce cases, domestic violence and sexual harassment matters;
  • Provided consultations to international citizens on all aspects of immigration;
  • Successfully handled international and domestic criminal cases.


  • 1993: University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo
    (Department of English Language and Literature)
  • 1996: Sophia University (Faculty of Law)


Ms. Seki enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and is always interested in learning new recipes. She also loves reading a good novel when she can.


Japanese and English